See What Our Residents Are Saying

“This is a very beautiful, safe, and nice place to live. Highly recommended by someone who loves dogs (allowed), who has no time for home repairs (and maintenance is resolved very quickly), for someone who loves nature (by bike trail), for someone who loves beauty and wants to live as in a hotel.”

“Excellent. Especially the Staff… Polite and friendly.”

“No longer live here, lived for almost 2ys (2y ago). We had to relocate, otherwise, would still be living there. It was one of the best apts to live. The front desk, the maintenance, the housekeeping were all professional and friendly. Gorgeous window view and nice location.”

“Excellent concierge and attentive maintenance staff.”

“This is one of the BEST PLACES TO LIVE EVER!!! We loved it here, as a military couple who unfortunately had to relocate to a different state otherwise we would still be living there. Staff are very professional, extremely clean inside and out; great area if you have children or pets. You’re in a great area for walks to the park/trail; shopping and great restaurants. You have to LIVE HERE!!!”